Biology Revision Notes - Natural Selection

AQA Biology, Energy and Continuity - Natural Selection

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Biology Revision Notes - Natural Selection:
Vital points about Natural Selection/Evolution:
o Natural Selection is blind to the future
o Organism's can't evolve when it suits them
o Individuals do not evolve in their lifetime
Selection Pressure:
o Biotic Factors ­ Living factors include:
Competition for a male
o Abiotic Factors ­ Non-Living factors include:
pH (soil or water)
Oxygen levels (water)
How Natural Selection produces change within a species:
o Genetic Variation exists within a population
o When conditions change, some members of the species have
alleles that favour their survival
o These organisms survive, reproduce and pass on their
favourable alleles to their offspring
o Eventually after many generations this produces a change in the
allele frequency of the population
Common Questions:
o Warfarin resistance in rats
o Copper tolerance in grass
o Antibiotic resistance in bacteria


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