OCR Biology, Unit 2 (F212) Exam revision checklist

list of every subject that could arise in the May Biology AS paper. 

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Biology- Revision sheet F212
Subject Mind Note Word Understoo
map s processed d
Carbs 1: simple sugars
Carbs 2: energy storage
Carbs 3 structural units
Amino acids- monomers
Proteins from amino acids
Levels of protein structure
Proteins in action
Lipids are not polymers
Essential oils
Practical biochemistry
Reading the instructions
Enzymes are globular proteins
Where enzymes work best
Enzyme action
Enzymes and temperature
pH and enzymes
Enzymes at work- concentration
Inhibitors of enzymes
Co-enzymes and prosthetic
Enzymes- poisons and drugs
Enzymes and metabolism
Diet and CHD
Improving food production
Micro-organisms and food
Organisms that cause disease
Transmission of diseases
Disease and the world
Non specific response to disease
Communication between cells
The specific immune response
Finding new drugs
The effects of smoking
Smoking- nicotine and CO
CV disease
Evidence- smoking and disease
Sampling plants

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Sampling animals
Measuring biodiversity
Classification and taxonomy
The five kingdoms
Classifying living things
Naming living things
Modern classification
Natural selection
Evidence for evolution
Evolution today
Conservation of a species
Effect of global climate change
Conservation in situ
Conservation ex situ
International cooperation…read more



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