AQA Biology 3 revision notes

Some notes i just made for myself with some of the harder topics from biology 3


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Equipment is sterilised to prevent contamination
Biogas Generators:
Batch, make biogas in small batches, Manually loaded up, left to
digest and by products are cleared away after.
Continuous, make all the time, waste is continuously fed in, biogas
produced at a steady rate, used for large scale projects
Cost, Convenience, Efficiency (35°) Position.
`Greener' than fossil fuels, carbon neutral, Insignificant amounts of
Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrous Oxides. Materials cheap and easy to
obtain, end product good for fertiliser. Acts as a waste disposal.
GLUCOSE Ethanol + Carbon dioxide + Energy (anaerobic) [biogas]
GLUCOSE + Oxygen carbon dioxide + energy + water (aerobic)
Yeast can use either of these ^^ but aerobic respiration is needed to
grow and reproduce.
Biogenesis, that air didn't cause stuff to go off, it was the microbes in
the air, Spallanzani thought that air was needed to start the reaction,
Schwann then showed that it was not air, but organisms in air,
Pastuer then used swan neck flask.
Kidneys, bowman's filter out smaller molecules,
Circulatory System,
Open systems (insects) and closed systems (mammals)
^^rely on diffusion, can do this because they are not as active.
Single (fish) and double (mammals)^^

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Cardiac ­ right hand side of heart receives blood from body and brain,
ATRIUM & VENTRICLE, from `vena cava'
R. Atrium into
R. Ventricle, valve snaps shut, contracts, into
Pulmonary ARTERY, flows into lungs for oxygenation, into
Pulmonary VEIN carries oxy blood into
L. Atrium which pumps into
L.…read more

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Active transport ^^^…read more


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