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(1984): FEAR OF ANIMALS…read more

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To see whether we are more afraid of or avoid animals that:
- move quickly
- more suddenly
- look very different from people…read more

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Used 2 q's ­ about same 29 animals
Told no animals were dangerous
Questionnaire 1: about fear of animals and how close the person would like to get
Fear of scale: 1-3, 1 ­ un afraid, 3 ­ very afraid
Nearness scale: 1-5, 1-enjoying picking, 5 ­ moving further by 2cm
Q.A 2: how participant felt about each animal:
- Ugliness
- Sliminess
- Speed
Total: 30 men and 34 women answered Q1. 49 people answered Q2
25 men and women were also interviewed.…read more

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Animals most feared: rat, cockroach, jellyfish
Animals least feared: rabbits
Found: ppl most afraid of animals are less likely to get near to them
Described ugly when interviewed
Both genders judged ugliness in similar ways
Women were less likely to approach most of the animals
Found important patterns in people:
Less likely to approach ugly/slimy/speedy animals
More afraid of animals of slimy/ugly and speedy
Thought that speedy animals moved suddenly…read more

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Features of ugliness, sliminess, speediness and sudden movements all
make animals more frightening
Ugliness is judged from animals different to a human being
Animals which cause phobias are slimy, speedy or have sudden movements
sop it supports the idea that preparedness relate to animal features…read more

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ATION…read more

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