Bennett-Levy and Marteau : Fear of animals

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  • Bennett-Levy and Marteau : Fear of animals
    • Aim
      • To see what we're more afraid of/avoid - Move quickly-Move suddenly-Look very different to people
    • Procedure
      • Two questionnaires, asked about same 29 animals
      • 1 - Fear of animals and how close person would get
      • 2 - Feelings about each animal
    • Findings
      • Most feared rat, least feared rabbit
      • Animals with more legs, more ugly
    • Conclusions
      • Ugliness, sliminess, speediness and sudden movement make animals more frightening
      • Ugliness judged by how different they are to a human
      • Supports the idea that preparedness relates to animal's features
    • Strengths
      • Different participants answered the two questionnaries
      • Used both genders
    • Weaknesses
      • Told animals weren't harmful, but many thought rats were
      • Questionnaires only asked about 6 factors, only few people were interviewed


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