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RS 2.1 revision
Believing in God…read more

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Agnosticism Not being sure whether God exists.
Atheism Believing that God does not exist.
Conversion When your life is changed by giving yourself to God.
Free Will The idea that human beings are free to make their own choices.
Miracle Something which seems to break a law of science and makes you think
only God could have done it.
Moral Evil Actions done by humans which cause suffering.
Natural Evil Things which cause suffering but have nothing to do with humans.
Numinous The feeling of the presence of something greater than you.
Omni-Benevolent The belief that God is all-good.
Omnipotent The belief that God is all-powerful.
Omniscient The belief that God knows everything that has happened and
everything that is going to happen.
Prayer An attempt to contact God, usually through words.…read more

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Christian upbringing
If you a brought up as a Christian then :
· They may be baptised
· Confirmed
· Taken to worship
· Taught to pray
· Thank God / remember his gifts (think eater and Christmas)
· Go to Sunday school and learn about God
· Go to a church school where most believe in God so they are more likely to.
This may result in :
· It seems natural to believe in God
· May never even think that God doesn't exist
· They will trust there parents and other role models eg youth group leaders
· See the benefits of living as a Christian and want them
Christian upbringing = Faith that lasts for ever
= Lives as good christian…read more

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Religious experiences
Means the way people come in contact with God
Different types :
· Numinous ­ Feeling a presence greater than you're self
· Conversion ­ the felling/ realisation about god creating you to convert into a
· Miracle ­ an event that can not be explained without God
· An answered prayer ­ asking and receiving Gods help
These are likely to lead people believe in God because :
· God caused the event
· The experiences match and confirm the events of the bible
· Shows God is concerned from them ­ strengthens their faith
· Find it difficult not to believe it wasn't God
Some people believe in God because of numinous', conversions, miracles or answered
prayers. These are used as evidence of Gods existence…read more

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Design argument
1. The world is well balanced organised and beautiful
2. Its parts are independent and clearly to designed to sustain life
3. Something this complex must have been designed
4. Must have a designer
5. Only being powerful enough to do it is God
6. There God must exist
Evidence for the argument
The universe seems to be designed due to :
· The way it works like scientific laws like gravity
· The way humans grow from tiny DNA
· The way complex mechanism work e.g. the human eye
· The way the universe is organised eg eco-systems
This leads people to believe in God because :
· Evidence overwhelmingly points to a designer
· Only God could be a designer there for must exist
· It is silly to believe that the universe is a result of chance…read more

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Scientists explanations about the
creation of the world
· Big bang
· Evolution
· If it can be explained without God then people may doubt God
People do not believe in God because they believe that science can account for the
creation of the world and the life on it.…read more

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