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Mohammad Ammar Qayyum

Napoleonic Battles
Marengo ­ 1800
Napoleon was outnumbered and outgunned, but it was the Austrians (who felt
unable to restore their lines of communication) who negotiated a withdrawal to
Ulm - 1805

To survive ­ Britain needed the support of continental allies (ALLIANCES). Thus
Britain obtained…

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Mohammad Ammar Qayyum

Friedland (1807)

N attacked the R indecisively at Heilsberg and was compelled to march around the
flank to turn a defensive.
Both sides reinforced armies ­ N to 80,000 + 118 guns an R ­ 60,000 with 120
Artillery played an important role. Guns sent by…

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Mohammad Ammar Qayyum

The allies (Austria, Britain and Sweden) defeated Napoleon ­ abdicates.

Hundred Days ; Waterloo (1815)

40,000 dead and wounded and 22,000 for the allies.

They had to fall back on crude attack columns ­ which had become predictable
Wellington ­ `they came on in the same old…


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