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Battle for the Biosphere
Biome: a global ecosystem covering a huge area with its own type of vegetation and wildlife

(Boreal: Coniferous

White area = polar

Practice Description:
E.g. Tropical rainforest
It is in South America,
Asia and Africa. It is
situated around the area
approximately 5

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How is the biosphere useful to humans?
Building materials e.g. granite
Plant products e.g. cotton
Animal products e.g. leather, fur
Food from animals e.g. meat, milk
Food from plants e.g. fruit, nuts, veg.
Fuel e.g. oil, gas, coal
Maintaining O2/CO2 balance.
Sunlight ­ vitamin D…

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Conservation Strategies
Name Description Where? Scale Benefits
Sustainable Encourages replanting Forests: Global Oxygen levels
Forestry trees. Rain -Laws are Less damage to ecosystems
Restricts methods of Coniferous decided More fertile soil
deforestation and Deciduous nationally Less soil erosion
amount of trees e.g. Malaysian Future employment
chopped down. rainforests Future: more…


Mr A Gibson


Types of, uses of and conservation of biospheres. Get this in your armory of resources to cover the main points of these things relating to the study of this topic.

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