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How the biosphere provides goods (resources) that humans use
· How goods and services support human life on Earth
· How humans are directly degrading biomes by their actions, such as deforestation including a
named example
· How climate change is affecting biomes
· Why humans need to conserve biomes and biodiversity
· How to define sustainable and unsustainable
· Why humans need to use biomes more sustainably in the future
· How global actions and agreements could help make this possible, including examples
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Sustainability The idea that the current generation of people should not damage the
environment in ways that will threaten future generations
Unsustainable Unable to be kept going at the same rate or level
Water Table The level in the soil or bedrock below which water is usually present
Wilderness Uncultivated, uninhabited and inhospitable regions
Hotspot 25 areas of the world with the greatest concentration of
biodiversity. Cover less than 2% of the Earth but have 44% of all
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How climate (temperature and precipitation) influences the
distribution and types of biomes
Average temperature is the main factor affecting plant growth. Temperature gradually decreases as
you move away from the equator and as latitude increases, so temperature decreases.
At the equator the sun's rays hit the earth at right angles, therefore
concentrating the rays and making it very hot. At the poles the rays hit at a greater angle, so the rays
are spread out over a greater area and is much less concentrated.…read more

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A climate graph...
The RED line graph = average
temperature for each month.
The BLUE bar graph = average
rainfall for each month.
between min and max temperatures.
How the biosphere provides important services to humans
Goods and services
GOODS = things of value to us
SERVICES = things that satisfy our needs
The biosphere is a life-support system which provides many vital services such as:
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­ nuts, fruit, meat, fish
grow crops ­ shifting cultivation (sustainable process)
The tropical rainforest is currently being exploited for a number of purposes:
TNC's exploit the TRF
logging for timber/paper (100,000sq km of forest cut down every year)
farming ­ soya ­ Growth in soya cultivation has grown due to increased global demand as cattle
ranchers especially in Europe see soya as a safe and healthy food source for their animals.…read more

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How global actions and agreements could help make this possible,
including examples
GLOBAL ACTIONS... (Countries working together)
RAMSAR conserving wetlands
CITES stop ivory trade/crocodile skins
Rainforest conservation Introduced of `debt-for-nature' swap agreements e.g. USA reduced
the size of Guatemala's foreign debt repayments in exchange for less rainforest to be cut down
World Heritage Sites Over 800 important sites have been awarded recognition from the UN
since 1972 due to their biosphere e.g.…read more

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This money helps maintain the area.
economic benefits- they contribute £1.6bn to the economy.
LOCAL ACTIONS... (local area)
Biodversity action plans e.g Havering Wildlife Trust, Bedfords Park.
Named Example: Local Action in the Caledonian Forest
This forest is all that remains from the original forest that existed in Scotland at the end of the last
ice Age.…read more


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