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UK politics!…read more

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The 3 (Main) UK
political parties…read more

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Key Principles Some of the manifesto policies (2010)
· Individualism
· Economic Strength ·Raise inheritance tax threshold to £1
· Realist ·High speed rail link between Manchester
· Strict law and order and London.
·Cut corporation tax
· Deregulation ·Reduce Public spending through a
· Disengagement reduction on welfare and NHS spending .
·Reduction of MP's by increasing
constituency size and merging some
`Cameron conservative' constituencies.
· Less government control ·Parents, charities and organisations
· Reduced taxation when setting up their own schools.
possible Many more ....
· Euro-scepticism
· Choice in public services
· More authoritarian policing…read more

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Some of the manifesto policies (2010)
Key Principles
· Socialism ·Work to Increase the efficiency of the NHS
· Welfare · An expansion of free nursery places
·Spending increased on Sure Start and free
· Collectivism childcare, schools and 16-19 learning.
· Equality ·More help for parents to balance work and
family life, with a `Father's Month' of flexible
· Common ownership paid leave
·immigration will be controlled through an
`New and Next Labour' "Australian-style points-based system" to stop
unskilled migration from outside the EU and
· Anti-poverty
English tests will be made compulsory for public
· Pro-education sector migrant workers.
· Investment in welfare Many more ....
· Pro-Europe
· US foreign policy…read more

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Key Principles Some of the manifesto policies ( from
· Freedom
· Tolerance ·Scrap tuition fees for all students
· Social justice taking their first degree.
· Equality of opportunity ·Cutting class size in state schools to
help those who are struggling.
·Flexible learning in schools and
Current Lib Dem Principles ·Scrap trident
· Introduce a UK bill of rights ·Introduce voting reform ( AV voting
· Everyone is entitled to the same system)
rights and responsibilities despite
class, religion and sex.
· Pro- Europe
· Increase in green policies…read more

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(very little power, One interest)
Scottish National Party (SNP)-Scottish
independence from the UK
British National Party (BNP)-Strict immigration laws
UK Independence Party (UKIP)- Remove the UK
from the EU
Green Party ­ Introduce green politics…read more

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