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Very basic unit 2 Government
and Politics revision
By Gabby Tracey…read more

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What are the powers of the prime
1. Appoint ministers
2. Set agenda for cabinet meetings
3. Dissolve parliament
4. Call a general election
5. Give out honours and peerages
6. Power of international relations
7. Inform parliament or not on issues
8. Commander of the armed forces…read more

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What are prerogative powers?
· They are powers which can be enjoyed by the
prime minister of which the monarch has
passed down/ given up as she is not active in
· E.g. appoint/ dismiss ministers
· In charge of armed forces
· Give out peerages
The informal powers here are things like setting the
agenda for cabinet meetings!…read more

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Informal prerogative powers
· Controlling the cabinet, setting the
direction/tone of the government
· REMEMBER: different prime ministers are
strong/weak. You cant take away prerogative
powers- so if a pm was weak you could argue
that the informal powers might be lessened.…read more

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Limits on the prime ministers powers.
· Personality
· Size of the majority e.g. Blair in `97 with a majority of 167
· Coalition- wildly different views in one government. How
do you keep that together even with collective
· (global) events beyond the control of a pm e.g. Brown `98
· Support of their own party
· Media support
· Strength and quality of the opposition
· Strength of cabinet…read more

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Collective responsibility
· It keeps the unity of the government
· Makes them look like they are all singing from
the same hymn sheet
· It helps the pm to control members of the
cabinet and it stops the opposition from
sensing a riff and diving in…read more

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