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Barristers and Solicitors
Qualification and Training
There are over 100'000 solicitors in England and Wales. Controlled by the Law Society.
Academic ­ Either a law degree or any other degree combined with one year training in the
Common Professional Examination.
Vocational ­ One year Legal Practice Examination (learn how to do the job of a solicitor)
Practical ­ Must obtain a Training Contract for 2 years. Practical experience. Will be paid,
although not very high. Do own work and shadow.
Post qualification- Must complete a 20 day Professional Skills Course to build on skills.
Continuous professional development.
There are 12'000 barristers in England and Wales. Controlled by the General Council of the Bar. (Also,
must be a member of one of the four Inns of Court)
Academic ­Either a law degree or any other degree combined with one year training in the
Common Professional Examination.
Vocational- One year Bar Vocational Course (learn how to do job of a barrister) After this,
you are called to `the bar'.
Practical- Pupillage on the job training, shadowing work. 2 six month contracts. Small salary.
Post qualifications- Must engage in Continuous personal development.
Solicitors can work in 2 main environments: - Private firms or employed practice.
Private firms
Legal Advice- Give advice to clients.
Drafting documents- Drafting up contracts, wills, divorce papers, etc.
Administrative work- Letters, phone calls, organising, etc.
Litigation- Also known as negotiation. Preparing case. E.g. in a divorce case with other sol.
Commercial work- Registering businesses, companies, contracts, etc.
Advocacy- May also act for clients in course. Can only advocate in limited circumstances.

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Criminal cases
Attend accused at P.S.
Advise the accused.
Help accused obtain legal advice.
Interview witnesses.
Give info to barrister.
Could represent as a duty solicitor in M.C.
Employed practice & organisation
Could be employed by a company, for example: Local Authority, Building societies,
businesses, Crown Prosecution Service.
Cater to needs of employer. Could advise employers and could represent them in court.
Barristers practicing at the Bar are self-employed, but usually work from a set of chambers.…read more

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Will be supervised by the head of that chamber.
Will share secretarial services.
There are various ways a client can complain against a solicitor.
Direct to office- Can complain direct to their company.
Legal Complaints Service- Main body that deals with complaints. Consists of 7 solicitors.
Law Society- Governing body of solicitors can also deal with complaints.
Legal Service Ombudsman- Examine complaints can demand solicitor to pay compensation.
Legal Services Complaints Commissioner- Will investigate how complaint has been handled.…read more


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