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AS Law English Legal System Revision Guide (OCR)

Describe the training, organisation, work and complaints procedure of solicitors and barristers.

Solicitors Barristers
Training 1a) Law degree (3 years, £9000 per 1a) Law degree (3 years, £9000 per year)
year) 1b) Non law degree (3 years, £9000 per
1b) Non law…

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sets up a Solicitors Disciplinary Inns of Court, can fine, reprimand,
Tribunal, can fine, reprimand, suspend or strike off barristers
suspend or strike off solicitors and 3) Barristers' Disciplinary Tribunal
close down firms arranged by the Bar Tribunals and
3) Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal Adjudication Service, 3 or 5 panel

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What are the problems of lawyers' training?

Problems of training Counterarguments
Difficulty finding a training contract or Lawyers who haven't finished their training
pupillage means many lawyers never finish can become paralegals until they find a
training training contract or pupillage
High costs and funding isn't guaranteed, so The Law…

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Have recent changes lessened the differences between solicitors and barristers?

Lessened difference Haven't lessened differences
Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 allowed Few solicitors have the certificate and judges
solicitor in private practice to apply for dislike/criticise solicitor advocates
Certificate of Advocacy enabling solicitors to
appear in the higher courts…

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Are the complaints procedures for solicitors and barristers satisfactory?

Satisfactory complaints procedures Not satisfactory complaints procedures
The Legal Ombudsman are independent so Some complaints are dealt with by the
shouldn't be biased and should get an professions' own bodies so could be biased,
impartial result e.g. Solicitors' Regulation Authority and…

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documents, put things right if possible, refund
or reduce the legal fees, or pay compensation
of up to £30000.
Legal Ombudsman only deal with poor Legal Ombudsman only deal with poor
service, so can focus all their time and service, so can't deal with other issues that
expenses on this.…

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mainly for newly appointed
assistant recorders and consists of a
oneweek course which deals with
sentencing, running a criminal court
and human awareness, have to
spend a week shadowing an
experienced judge before sitting
Role Magistrates' Court keeping order Hearing points of law arguments,
in court, ruling on points…

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agrees, only for incapacity or queen after an address from both
misbehaviour (e.g. drink driving, houses of Parliament, only used once
sexist/racist offences, and more (in Ireland to remove Sir John
serious offences). Rarely used, (e.g. Barrington in 1830 for embezzlement
in 1983 to remove Circuit Judge of public funds).…

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They also have to spend a week shadowing an experienced judge before sitting
Superior Training is voluntary for superior judges.
Areas of There are three areas of training by the Judicial College (1) Law, evidence,
training procedure and subject expertise, (2) judicial skills such as leadership and

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Judicial Positive steps to diversify the Only 29% of JAC appointments in
Appointment judiciary ­ more women and ethnic 201213 were female should be 50%.
s minorities being encouraged to 8% of the country are ethnic minorities
Commission apply. Highest number of female so 4% is disproportionate.
High Court Judges…




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