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The Legal Profession Revision:

Governed by the Law Society

1. Most solicitors provide general advice and do paper work.
Only solicitors used to be able to carry out litigation (taking
someone to court) under the Solicitors Act 1974, however the
Access to Justice Act 1999 now allows the…

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the solicitor can be sued for negligence and can be suspended from
practice or struck off by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Their Duty:
Is contractual so they can be sued for breach of contract.
Keep clients business confidential: All conversations and
correspondence between a client and his solicitor are privileged…

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The Legal Profession Revision:

Governed by the Bar Council

1. Solicitors have more direct contact with the clients, whereas
barristers often only become involved in a case in order to
provide any advocacy needed by the client. Barristers take
part in advocacy in all courts and have full…

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People can complain to the Bar Council who will put the complaint to The
Bar Standards Board. A complaints committee can require barristers to
reduce, refund or waive fees and order compensation up to £2,000.
Dissatisfied complaints can go to the Legal Services Ombudsman. The
Legal Services Ombudsman can recommend…

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Big Differences between the two:

Clients approach the solicitor directly and the solicitor chooses
whether or not to take the case whereas Barristers work on the `cab
rank' rule and have to take the next case.

Solicitors are predominantly general practitioners while barrister are

Barrister are primarily advocates and…

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Review on Changes to the system:

In 2004, the government asked Sir David Clementi to review the organisation
of the legal profession and to recommend `a framework which will be
independent in representing the public and consumer interest,
comprehensive, accountable, consistent, flexible, transparent, and no
more restrictive or burdensome than…

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The Legal Profession Revision:

Legal Executives:
Governed by the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX)
Specialising in a particular area of law, their daytoday work is similar to
that of a solicitor:

handle various legal aspects of a property transfer
assist in the formation of a company,
be involved in…


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