Bandura imitated aggression study

AS Psychology --> Developmental Approach --> Bandura's Bobo Study looking at imitated aggression. Heyy just another one of my power points to help revise this particular case study... I should have put all 15 up by May so in true countdown phase: 2 down, 13 to go!

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The Bobo Doll study…read more

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· The nature - nurture debate
· Do children learn behavior from the behavior they
see around them? Can aggression be learned by
observation? -Triggering the TV violence debate…read more

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· 72 children (Stanford University nursery school-
no consent from parents)
· 36 boys & 36 girls
· Split into three groups of 24 (paired learning
· Age range 37 months - 69 months
· Mean age 4 and a half
· Two adult `role models', one male and one female
· A female experimenter…read more

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The Groups
In each condition, barring the control as there was no model, this is how the children
were split: (so in total 48 children. This table needs to be multiplied by two for aggressive
AND non aggressive
Child / Model Female Male
Female 6 6
Male 6 6…read more

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· A lab experiment
· Involved: independent measures design and
matched pairs design
· There were three conditions (aggressive
model, non-aggressive model, no model)
· There were 24 children in each condition…read more

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Independent Variables
· 1st Independent Variable
· Aggressive or non-aggressive role model
· 2nd Independent variable
· Same sex or opposite sex role model
· 3rd Independent variable
· Gender of child…read more

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