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Bandura, Ross and Ross (1961)


This study investigates the imitation of aggression and is based on the principles of the Social
Learning Theory. Four hypotheses were tested:

1) Children exposed to an adult behaving aggressively towards a toy will imitate this behaviour
in the absence of the model.

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Imitative non-aggression verbal responses (non-imitative physical
and verbal aggression was also noted)

Independent Variables

There were three independent variables. Which were as follows;

1. Behaviour of model;
a. Non-aggressive model
b. Aggressive model
c. No model (control group)

2. Gender of the model
a. Male role model
b. Female role…

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Study provides evidence to suggest that new behaviours can be learnt through social
Study showed how new aggressive behaviours have been transmitted / generalised from
one situation to another.
Witnessing adult models being aggressive legitimises such behaviour and weakens a child's
inhibitions to aggressive behaviour.
Boys may be more…


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