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Sociology Revision…read more

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African Caribbean males don't do well in terms of
educational attainment. However, working class
black African- Caribbean females, although they
suffer from initial disadvantages in school they tend
to do significantly better than working class white
pupils in GCSEs.
Fuller (1984) suggests they appear to be `cool' to
present a positive self-image to boys and teachers
but they recognize the importance of getting good
qualifications.…read more

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Children of Indian, Chinese and African-Asian origin
also do very well within the education system.
According to a recent report by DfES (2007), black
pupils: More likely to be permanently excluded, told
off more, less likely to be identified as gifted and
talented, are unfairly put into bottom sets ­ due to
behaviour more than ability.…read more

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According to Strand, Indian pupils relative progress can
in part be explained by positive factors such as:
High parental and pupil educational aspirations,
undertaking high levels of homework, low levels of
truanting, exclusion or social services, high resource
provision.…read more

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African Caribbean underachievement has been
blamed on the high numbers of one parent families in
African Caribbean communities.
Some politicians have suggested that because many
of these families are female headed, boys lack the
discipline of a father figure, may account for a high %
of AC boys in special schools.
However, for girls a role model provided by a strong
independent single mother is a motivating influence.…read more

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African Caribbean origin may speak different dialects
of English and children from other ethnic groups who
come from homes where a different language is
spoken rather than English.
Gewirtz (2002) Identifies that the creation of
complex application forms requiring high levels of
literacy and often only available in english.…read more

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