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As psychology memory key studies
Study Brief summery
Research in to STM Peterson Procedure: Briefly shown a consonant trigram,
and Peterson asked to count backwards after intervals of
3,6,9,12,15,18 seconds asked to recall the
original trigram, repeated several times
Findings: recalled 80% of trigrams after a 3
second interval
Conclusion: time between learning and recall
increased fewer trigrams recalled
Evaluation: trigrams artificial interference
from earlier trigrams, effect of time
Encoding in STM Baddely Procedure: Divided in to 4 groups each heard a
list of 5 words drawn from one of the following
categories acoustically similar/ dissimilar
semantically similar/dissimilar then had to recall
words in the correct order
Findings: acoustically similar words much harder
to recall
Conclusion: support findings of Conrad STM relies
more on the sound of the word than meaning
Duration of LTM Bahrick et al Procedure: tracked down graduates from a high
school over a 50 year period,392 grad shown
photos from year book, recognition group
matched names, recall group no names
Findings: recognition 90% correct 14 yrs,80% acc
aftr 25 yrs, 75% acc aftr 34 yrs,60% acc aftr 47
yrs, recall 60% acc after 7 yrs, less 20% acc aftr
47 yrs
Conclusion: remember certain information 4 a
life time VLM better when measured by
recognition tests
Evaluation: used meaningful stimulus , unclear
whether drop of in acc after 47 yrs the limits of
duration or a more general decline in memory
with age

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