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Threat Threat
Key Issue Ways in which they represent
How effectively did
William counter them? Counter (location)
serious threat

actor English North (mainly)
Edgar Atheling
Became the main figurehead
7 William countered the initial threat of Edgar and his

against William's rule in 1066.
supporters at London well by…

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taking Fled to Malcolm's court (1068),
Atheling as a hostage. So, the threat was virtually
eliminated. where his sister had married
(William of Poitiers and Jumeieges) Malcolm.
Which creates a tie
William managed to deal with the threat very
effectively between Atheling and Malcolm's
again, by invading the Scotland and…

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the 1069 revolt
5 William defeated the revolt, but pardoned Waltheof, and
One of the three earls involved in the
allowed him to become earl of Northumbria in 1072
(after 1075 revolt of the earls, which
Gospatric), and married the king's niece, Judith, in
1070. This showed weakness and…

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(1067/68) challenging William's rule in 1067
Exeter was home to Gytha, Harold's
mother Revolt appears to be triggered by high
18 days, but `a large part of his army perished' (AngloSaxon chronicle), which was damaging to
him, and showed his army to not be strong enough. He accepted the…

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William FitzOsbern has been sent to Herefordshire in 1068). Rebellion tried to be started in
Merica. Minor uprising in the north lead by
Gospatric (new earl of Northumbria), could lead to forces combining.
4 Marched through Mercia, and to Warrick where he built a new
castle. Edwin and Morcar surrendered…

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Yorkshire) castle was besieged. (1069 made worse by Harold's sons
invading again, and with supporters from Devon and Cornwall (not Exeter), devastated much of
Devon. As well as the invasion of Sweyn
Estrithson (king of Denmark), led by his brother. Which joined with northern rebels, and recaptured
William went…

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Winchester, by Papal legates. This wasn't directly linked to the northern rebellion, but was part of
the process of trying to prove and secure his authority. As the support of God made most people
support him. English Overall The English were probably the
greatest threat to his overall rule, although…

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(William wasn't in
the country at this point anyway). South (1067) due to dissatisfaction with the land
he was given).
His land was taken away from him, although
William later (He was a former ally, but also
returned some. This was pretty effective, although
William brotherinlaw to Edward the


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