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Conqueror and Conquest (unit 2)
The Norman Conquest
The last years of Edward the confessor, and the succession crisis of 1066
Edward the confessor
Edward was crowned Easter 1043
o Edward was the son of Emma and King Ethelred. o Canute killed Ethelred,
and took England. o Emma married Canute.…

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Powerful under Canute.
o Married Gytha, (Danish aristocrat) sisterinlaw of Canute. o Made earl of
Wessex (richest earldom in England). o Considered a dynast (founder of a great
family). Godwin supported Edward to become king.
o Edward was the most likely heir, although there were a few others. o Edward…

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Godwin's father betrayed Edward's father.
Godwin was implicated in the death of Alfred, Edward's brother. o Godwin
could gain through this political manipulation of the king. Godwin remained
o The Godwin's owned £7000 of land in England, while the king
owned £5000. o 1043 Godwin's eldest son Sweyn was…

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was refused food and lodgings in Dover.
· A fight ensued in Dover, and many died.
· The king ordered Godwin to punish the town, but Godwin refused. o Godwin
was ordered in front of the King.
Godwin received little support from other earls.
Much of his army deserted him…

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