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Conqueror and Conquest (unit 2)
The Norman Conquest
The last years of Edward the confessor, and the succession crisis of 1066
Edward the confessor
Edward was crowned Easter 1043
o Edward was the son of Emma and King Ethelred. o Canute killed Ethelred,
and took England. o Emma married Canute. o Edward fled to Normandy. o
When King Harthacanute (Canute's son) died, (as all of Ethelred's
other sons had died), Edward had the possibility to become king. So, returned
to England.…read more

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Powerful under Canute.
o Married Gytha, (Danish aristocrat) sisterinlaw of Canute. o Made earl of
Wessex (richest earldom in England). o Considered a dynast (founder of a great
family). Godwin supported Edward to become king.
o Edward was the most likely heir, although there were a few others.…read more

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Godwin's father betrayed Edward's father.
Godwin was implicated in the death of Alfred, Edward's brother. o Godwin
could gain through this political manipulation of the king. Godwin remained
o The Godwin's owned £7000 of land in England, while the king
owned £5000. o 1043 Godwin's eldest son Sweyn was appointed to an
earldom in
the south west midlands. o On 23 January 1045 Edward married Godwin's
daughter Edith.…read more

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· A fight ensued in Dover, and many died.
· The king ordered Godwin to punish the town, but Godwin refused. o Godwin
was ordered in front of the King.
Godwin received little support from other earls.
Much of his army deserted him on the way to London.
So, he and his family fled.
Edward sent Edith to a nunnery, o Godwin returned in 1052.…read more

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