AS DT Edexcel Materials list

List of ALL the materials you need to know pretty well for the AS edexcel DT Resistant Materials Products Design theory paper. (as of 2009)

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Material Properties Useful information Uses
White cast iron · Brittle and very hard Carbon content: 1.7-2.9 pc · Heavy machinery
· Cannot be machined
Grey cast iron · Can be machined Carbon content: 2.5-4.0 pc · Cast iron cookware
· Easily cast · Disk brakes
· Corrosion resistant ·Components for machines
Mild Steel · Ductile, tough, malleable Carbon content: 0.15-0.30 · General engineering
· High tensile strength pc · Nuts and bolts
Medium Carbon Steel · Harder than mild steel but Carbon content: 0.3-0.7 pc · Garden tools
less ductile and malleable · Springs
High Carbon Steel · Properties improved by Carbon content: 0.7-1.4 pc · Hammer heads
heat treatment. ·Drills
Aluminium · Lightweight · Always alloyed to · Aircraft industry
· Soft and malleable improve its properties. · Engine components
· Corrosion resistant · An oxide layer forms · Castings
· Good conductor quickly removing its shine,
· Difficult to weld it actually protects the
· Cracks under stress, metal from further
requires constant oxidisation and so is often
annealing when worked used outdoors.
· Doesn't withstand loads · Melting point: 650 C
Copper · Very malleable/ductile · Can be joined via hard/ · Electrical cables
· Very good conductor soft soldering. · Central heating
· Corrosion resistant · Melting point: 1100 C · Printing circuits
· Easily machined
Zinc · Corrosion resistant · Protecting oxide layer · Batteries
· Easily worked · Melting point: 420 C · Galvanising
Stainless Steel · Corrosion resistant Composition: Chromium, · Kitchen utensils, pipes
· Expensive Nickel and Steel · Medical tools
· Hard to cut · Chemical/nuclear
Duralumin · lightweight and strong Composition: Aluminium, · Aviation industry
· Age hardens it Copper and Manganese · Automotive industry
· Malleable/ductile/ easily
Brass · Casts well Composition: Copper and · Ship's propellers
· Easily machined Zinc · Plumbing fittings
· Good conductor · Electrical components
· Susceptible to cracking
when cold worked
· Needs constant annealin'
Epoxy resin · Corrosion/electrical · Produced by mixing a · Adhesives
resistant resin and a catalyst · Paints and coatings
· Good bond qualities together, which are usually · Electronics
· Health problems/allergies in the form of liquids or
Urea Formaldehyde · Strong, hard, brittle · Chemical reaction occurs · Electrical fittings
· Heat resistant when mixed together. · Domestics appliances
· Once shaped, cannot be
Polyester resin · Good electrical insulator heated and reshaped. · Glass reinforced boats
· Heat resistant/brittle · Difficult to recycle. · Garden furniture

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Material Properties Useful information Uses
Acrylic · Stiff, hard, durable · Brittle, splinters easily · Lighting
· Easily scratchable · CD cases
· Good electrical insulator · Baths
High density · Good electrical insulator · Colour tends to fade · Water tanks/pipes
polyethylene (HDPE) · Chemical/impact resistant · Can break under stress · Buckets
· Flexible · Bowls
Low density · Good electrical insulator · Colour tends to fade · Cable insulation
polyethylene (LDPE) · Chemical resistant · Can break under stress · Packaging film…read more

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Material Properties Useful information Uses
Glass reinforced plastic · Can be as strong as steel Thermosetting resin · Car bodies
(GRP) · Good strength-weight reinforced with very fine · Boat hulls
ratio glass, resin is strong
· Resistant to corrosion (compressed) not good
· Prone to osmosis (water tensile strength and is
seeps through and brittle, adding glass
delaminates the hull) matting improves this.
· Resin and catalyst give
off harmful toxic fumes.…read more

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Material Properties Useful information Uses
Thermo-ceramics · Extremely hard They are advanced · Turbine blades in jet
· Very stable at high temps ceramic materials that are engines
· Very strong at high temps used in high temperature · Turbo chargers in racing
· Superior to ceramics surroundings. They are cars
· Brittle, break when produced by combining
dropped ceramic and metallic
· If they are imperfections powders by sintering.…read more

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Material Properties Useful information Uses
Photochromic paint · Reversible process Paints that contain · Security markers
· Almost instant transition pigments that change · UV warning sensors
of colour colour instantly when · Art
· Can create stunning stimulated with UV, when
pigment changes the light source is removed
it returns to it's original
colour.…read more


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