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Material Properties Useful information Uses

White cast iron · Brittle and very hard Carbon content: 1.7-2.9 pc · Heavy machinery
· Cannot be machined

Grey cast iron · Can be machined Carbon content: 2.5-4.0 pc · Cast iron cookware
· Easily cast · Disk brakes
· Corrosion resistant ·Components for…

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Material Properties Useful information Uses

Acrylic · Stiff, hard, durable · Brittle, splinters easily · Lighting
· Easily scratchable · CD cases
· Good electrical insulator · Baths

High density · Good electrical insulator · Colour tends to fade · Water tanks/pipes
polyethylene (HDPE) · Chemical/impact resistant · Can break…

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Material Properties Useful information Uses

Glass reinforced plastic · Can be as strong as steel Thermosetting resin · Car bodies
(GRP) · Good strength-weight reinforced with very fine · Boat hulls
ratio glass, resin is strong
· Resistant to corrosion (compressed) not good
· Prone to osmosis (water tensile strength…

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Material Properties Useful information Uses

Thermo-ceramics · Extremely hard They are advanced · Turbine blades in jet
· Very stable at high temps ceramic materials that are engines
· Very strong at high temps used in high temperature · Turbo chargers in racing
· Superior to ceramics surroundings. They are…

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Material Properties Useful information Uses

Photochromic paint · Reversible process Paints that contain · Security markers
· Almost instant transition pigments that change · UV warning sensors
of colour colour instantly when · Art
· Can create stunning stimulated with UV, when
pigment changes the light source is removed


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