AQA Love through the ages Drama wider reading

I have included quotes, book titles and author names and detailed analysis as well as splitting the different quotes in the different themes of love

You have the main theme of love, link the given extract to your wider reading through themes of love (eg. Passion) this makes it easier t understand the extracts. I did this and recieved a B in the exam

Make sure to practice within the time limit (2hrs 30min) as time is very tight so you need to get used to it

Good luck

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Drama Wider Reading
Transgressive Love
Tis pity she's a whore ­ John Ford
Quick Summary:
After being away from home for a while Giovanni, falls in love with his sister
Annabella. She is persuaded to requite his love by her nanny.
Annabella receives many suitors but her father tells her to marry for love and not
wealth, shortly after she begins to have a romantic relationship with Giovanni
Various fighting between the suitors that want her hand
Annabella pregnant & marries a suitor to cover the shame. He realises its not his, so
he swears to kill Giovanni (the father)
Upon being reunited with Annabella, Giovanni kills her whilst kissing her, then wielding
her heart on his knife he publicly confesses to an incestuous affair
I am lost; my fates have doomed my death
The noun "fate" is v. strong as through using it Giovanni aims to release himself from any
blame, instead he blames God and with this excuse h seeks out a relationship with Annabella
Bent ­ Sherman
Quick summary:
Horst an openly gay man is sent to a concentration camp where he meets Horst who is
secretly gay but would rather be labelled a Jew in the camp
A relationship develops between the two whilst there in the camp
Initially Max does not accept Horst's love but when he dies Max comes to term with his
emotions and identity as gay
I won't let you down
The dialogue serves a symbolic purpose for Max is implying that he'll never stop love Horst and
the verbal action of physically lifting up Horst, shows that Max may believe that if he confesses
his real emotions by the power of their love Horst may comeback to life.
This follows the theme of regret for when Horst was alive Max never told him his true feelings
and thus one gets a feeling that not only is he trying to save Horst he is trying to release all of his
suppressed urges and finally identify as gay

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Drama Wider Reading
Tis pity she's a whore ­ John Ford
I am lost; my fates have doomed my death
Spiritually Giovani is lost as the quotes serve a metaphorical purpose, for his passion for Annabella
has morally blinded him, yet he hides his passion under the veil of fate
Unrequited love
A Midsummer's Night Dream ­ Shakespeare
Quick Summary:
Hermia and Lysander are in love, Helena loves Demetrius but he loves Hermia.…read more

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Drama Wider Reading
Romantic Love/ Marital Love
Othello ­Shakespeare
She loved me for the dangers I had passed, and I loved her that she did pity them
The romantic love stems from Desdemona's ability to sympathise and overall be a friend to Othello as
if her love soothes the physiological wounds that Othello had suffered at war.…read more

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Drama Wider Reading
Othello ­Shakespeare
She loved me for the dangers I had passed, and I loved her that she did pity them
This makes it slightly easier to empathise with Othello's murder of Desdemona, for he instilled great
trust in her as he revealed his inner most thoughts to her, thus when he thought she had been unfaithful
a great pain of him died thus he wanted Desdemona to feel his torment
Death of a loved one
Bent ­ Sherman
Quick summary:
Horst…read more


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