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GCSE AQA Physics P2
Chapter 7
Nuclear fission
Nuclear fusion
Tasneem Aiar…read more

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Nuclear fission
· Nuclear fission is when a Uranium or Plutonium
nucleus absorbs a neutron and then it splits into
2 or 3 smaller nuclei's.
· These cause further fissions. This is called chain
· A lot of energy is produced from this reaction.…read more

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Nuclear fusion
· Nuclear fusion is when 2 nuclei's fuse together to
make a big nucleus.
· A problem is that the nuclei's will repel because
they are both positively charged. However they
are heated to extremely high temp to give them
enough energy to overcome repulsion.
· This reaction also gives out a lot of energy.…read more

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AQA GCSE Physics P2 chapters 7…read more


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