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GCSE AQA Physics P2
Chapter 5+6
Current electricity
Mains electricity
Tasneem Aiar…read more

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Current Electricity
· Ammeter measures current it is placed in series
· Voltmeter measures pd is it places parallel
· Potential difference and current are related by
an equation from Ohms law:
· potential difference = current x resistance
· Resistance is measured in ohms,…read more

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Mains electricity
· DC=Direct current, flows in one direction.
· AC=Alternating current, changes direction.
· there is a blue wire connected to the neutral pin
· there is a brown wire connected to the live pin
· there is a green-yellow wire is connected to the
earth pin…read more

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When a large current is passed through the wire, the
fuse will melt and disconnect the circuit.
· An alternative to using a fuse is to put in a circuit
Electrical Power
· Power is measured in watts (W).
· Current is measured in Amps (A).
· Pd is measured in volts(V).
· Charge is measured in Coulombs (C).
power = energy transformed ÷ time
power = current x potential difference…read more

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AQA GCSE Physics P2 chapters 5+6…read more


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