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Revision Of Weather &
Climate…read more

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UK Climate
· Temperature, precipitation and sunshine hours follow
a seasonal pattern
· 5 main reasons why climate varies in the UK
· Latitude - how far North of the equator a place is (the higher the latitude,
the colder it gets)
· Winds ­ prevailing winds for the UK are from the South West
· Distance from the sea ­ areas nearer the sea are warmer than those
inland. The West Coast is warmer than the East because of the North
Atlantic Drift
· Pressure ­ Low pressure systems cause rainfall and come from the
West, so the West of the UK is wetter
· Altitude ­ how high the land is (the higher the altitude, the colder it gets
because the air is thinner so less heat energy is trapped)…read more

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How a depression forms -
1. Warm, moist air from the tropics meets cold, dry air from the
2. The warm air is less dense so it rises above the cold air
3. Condensation occurs as the warm air rises, causing rain
clouds to develop
4. Rising air also causes low pressure at the Earth's surface
5. Winds blow into the depression in a spiral (winds always
blow from an area of high pressure to an area of low
· A warm front is the front edge of the moving warm air
· A cold front is the front edge of the moving cold air…read more

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Depressions Continued…read more

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Depressions Continued 2…read more

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Anticyclones form over the Atlantic Ocean and move East over
the UK
1. Air falls creating high pressure and light winds blowing outwards
2. Falling air gets warmer so no clouds are formed, giving clear skies
and no rain for days or weeks
· In summer, anticyclones cause long periods of hot, dry, clear
weather. There are no clouds to absorb the sun's heat energy
so more gets through to the Earth's surface causing high
· In winter, anticyclones give long periods of cold, foggy weather.
Heat is lost from the Earth's surface at night because there are
no clouds to reflect it back. The temperature drops and
condensation occurs near the surface.…read more

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Mr A Gibson


Some gems in this highly informative presentation. Well worthy of a place in your notes folder. Read through and make some notes and you will have pretty much everything you need for weather and climate.



thank you very much 



Thanks, these are great! Creating a geography revision folder has been really challenging so these note will definitely help! :)

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