AQA GCSE Chemistry 3: 1.1 The Early Periodic Table revision notes

Revision notes covering all that the specification says you need to know about the early periodic table.

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AQA GCSE C3 Notes: 1.1. The early periodic table
John Newlands
o Newlands attempted to organise elements using their atomic
o He also proposed the Law of Octaves which predicted that every
eighth element would show similar properties
o However this pattern disappeared further down his table
o Because of this his table wasn't accepted
Dmitri Mendeleev
o Mendeleev also arranged his elements in order of atomic weight
o However his table had problems which he tried to solve
Elements were sometimes placed in inappropriate groups if
the strict order of atomic weights was followed
So he moved elements into patterns of properties, if
following the order of weight did not work
In some areas there were no discovered elements to fill his
Therefore he predicted undiscovered elements in
order to fit the pattern
o The table was arranged so that elements with similar properties
were in the same columns
These columns were called groups
o It was called a periodic table as elements with similar properties
recurred periodically


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