AQA AS English Literature B- Tips for Aspects of Narrative Exam

A list of pointers I have found useful in revising for the 'Aspects of Narrative' exam :)

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AS English Literature B- Aspects of Narrative: What to include
Section A: Part 1:
`Write about the WAYS...'
Narrative voice/perception- first person (i.e. Amir/ Pip/ Mariana)/ third
person (biased) [i.e. Maude Clare-narrated in the third person biased
Language (linguistic devices)- repetition/ onomatopoeia/
colloquialisms/ verbs/ adjectives/ adverbs used to create meanings
Structure- stanzas/ chapters/ chronological order/ linear plot/ circular
Form- the format of the novel (i.e. autobiography- `The Kite Runner can
be seen as an autobiographical account of Amir's life/ poetry-
Place and time (setting)- connotations of the setting (i.e. football
stadium in Kabul denotes the venue for a sport but connotes a deeper,
more sinister issue in the novel- the venue for torture/murder)/ seasonal
time/ year/ date (i.e. when events are occurring before or after the date
`winter 1975' as the reader is aware a significant event occurs at this
Section A: Part 2:
Your argument/opinion
Use both sides of the argument- give differing readings and
Show an understanding of contextual factors (i.e. Victorian era in
`Great Expectations)
Section B
`Write about the significance of structure/ form/ character/ place etc.
in the narrative...'
Write DO NOT compare the one aspect of narrative but DO connect
Give your opinion and another opinion
Use ALL parts of that aspect (for example; if asked about how
character is formed talk about costume/ voice/ setting/ context etc.)



This is good, but doesn't have any information regarding section B of the exam.


Quite helpful for an overview of the exam and ignore the comment above as it does contain aspect of Section B. 

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