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Evolutionary Explanations of Human Aggression


Daly and Wilson ­ men evolve strategies to deter female partners from committing adultery
Range from vigilance, violence ­ fuelled by male sexual jealousy, adaption evolved to specifically deal
with threat of parental uncertainty

Cuckoldry and sexual jealousy
Men never entirely certain child is…

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Research Support
Shackelford ­ survey method testing evolutionary psychology concerning mate retention strategies.
461 men 560 women in US. Committed, heterosexual relationships. Males answered questions about
male retention, asked how often they performed 26 different types of violent act against partner.
Females asked about partner's use of male…

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Limitations of evolutionary explanations of partner violence
Evolutionary perspective doesn't explain why people react differently when faced with same adaptive
Buss and Shakelford ­ cannot account for why different males respond in different ways when faced
with infidelity ­ some may be violent, some may kill, some may get…


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