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Law and ethics essay structure

contained in Matthew in the Sermon on the Mount chapter's 57
John Drane ranks the Sermon on the Mount as an `outstanding literary composition'
list key feature (EPRLRD)

"the kingdom of god is the foundation and horizon of Jesus' ethics" Wolfang Schrage

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setting of the gospel 70CE various Jewish religious groups fighting for prominence suggesting
this is Matthew's agenda not Jesus'

notion of the golden rule "and as you would wish that men would do to you, do so to them"
if you treat others well you will be treated well…

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Also, on closer examination, much of the theology of the Beatitudes is paralleled elsewhere ­
the key themes of reward for those who are poor, oppressed or persecuted and mourn are
echoed in Isaiah 61 where God proclaims deliverance. The blessings on the pure in heart are
echoed in Psalm…


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