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How successfully by the mid-1950's, had the policy of denazification, as agreed at the Potsdam
Conference, been carried out in Germany? (45)

To what extent was the Nazi legacy eradicated in Germany in the years 1945-1946?

Implementation of denazification

Agreement at Potsdam Conference in 1945 to put leading Nazi officials…

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Those dismissed from jobs could appeal to an arbitration tribunal to present a testimony of good
Those who did not have an active role in the Nazi regime collected Persil certificates.
Tribunals could not cope with cases.
The process of denazification wound down in the 1950's.
There became more…

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In 1947 Russians offered an amnesty to all those prepared to help further socialist society.
Irrelevant of individuals' pasts.
1948-1949 restrictions on former on the activities and rights of former Nazis removed.
1952 Full citizenship rights given to Nazis who were not deemed war criminals.
In the soviet zone an…


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