Genetic Engineering and Embryo Research Revision/Notes 1

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Genetic Engineering
Should Genetic Engineering be allowed?
Genetic Engineering is a controversial area, and for some very good reasons. However, a lot
of what is said about Genetics is inaccurate. Newspapers like to report about 'Designer
babies', and when scientists use genetic information from one species to strengthen another,
tabloids put a picture of a pig with a sheep's head next to an inflammatory headline.
As students of Philosophy and Ethics, you should strive to see issues as they are. While there
are no undisputed moral facts, it is possible to be accurate in describing what is involved in a
process, who it affects and the degree of risk.
Use this site to find out more about what Genetic Engineering means, the issues raised by
Genetics, andEthical and Christian responses. We look at particular case studies, as well as
reviewing books andDVDs, and providing links to other sites.
A useful new addition is the interactive diagram of Genetic Engineering Case Studies. You
can fill it in, customise the text and box colours, and print it out. Alternatively, click on the
symbol in the top right corner to print out a text summary of the cases.

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Embryo Research
Is it wrong to experiment on embryos?
The value and use of embryos comes up in several other areas of the AS course:
o when considering abortion, you will have asked when the foetus becomes human and
whether an embryo is a person in any meaningful sense
o when looking at the right to a child, you will have looked at IVF and what happens to
spare embryos
o genetic engineering includes a detailed consideration of PreImplantation Genetic
Diagnosis, a procedure that involves…read more


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