AOS3 - Key words (Davis, Buckley & Moby)

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All Blues ­ Miles Davis
Ragtime Music characterised by a syncopated melody and regular
accented accompaniment
Blue Note A 'bent' note between the minor and major 3rd.
Bebop A jazz style made up of fast tempos and complex harmonies.
Changes The chord sequence in jazz songs
Head The main melody, generally played at the beginning of a song.
Modal Jazz A jazz style in which soloist base their solo's on modes instead
of chord changes.
Chromatic Using all 12 notes of a scale.
Comping An abbreviation of 'accompanying'.
Frontline The solo instruments in a jazz ensemble.
Mordent An ornament in which the written note is played, followed by
the note above and the written note again.
Trill Rapidly alternating between two notes.
Voicings A term used to describe various ways of ordering the notes in a
chord from lowest to highest.
Chord Substitution Replacing one chord with another.
Turnaround A short chord pattern at the end of a sequence signally the
return to the beginning of that sequence.
Altered Chord A chord in which one of the notes has been sharpened of
flattened to become a chromatic note.
Extended Chord A chord in which diatonic notes have been added (not 7th)
Grace ­ Jeff Buckley
Soundscapes Music which changes the timbre and texture to create musical
atmosphere, instead of developing the melody.
Overdubs The use of multi-track recording to layer parts.
Drone A note repeated or sustained over chord changes ­ often
creates dissonance.
Power Chords A chord consisting of the root note and perfect 5th.

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Delay Repletion of a sound, often at a lower volume, to create an
EQ "Equalisation" ­ electronically cutting or boosting frequencies in
sound. It can correct problems in recorded music or add bizarre
sound effects.
Flanger A studio effect that gives a guitar a 'swirly' sound.…read more

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Four-To-The-Floor The reinforcement, created by the bass drum, to make the
4/4 beat stronger.
Reverb Reflecting sound off surfaces to create a sense of space.
Can be done naturally or electronically.
Sus2 Chord A triad where the major/minor 3rd is replaced by a 2nd.
Sus4 Chord A triad where the major/minor 3rd is replaced by a 4th.
Samples Voice recordings used in music.
Synthesizer An electronic device used to create electronic instrument
sound.…read more


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