Jeff Buckley

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Jeff Buckley - Grace

Tonality Some sections in a major section are modal. Key unclear/ambigious at the beginning, the D major section at the end of intro, then modal verse, pre-chorus is E minor, chorus is modal. No, you don't need to remember all this, you just need to know that different sections are major, minor and modal.

Harmony (chords) Harmonies come from the ideas played on the guitar, obviously made up on the guitar - complicated chords but simple to play. There is one main chord sequence, it sounds like (Em/F5, Em, Em/Eb5) but it is just a power chord(no 3rds) that is slid across the frets of the guitar. Verses uses drone strings -i.e. chord moves but some open strings are played across different chords. In some places the notes of the chords are 'finger-picked' in arpeggio and other…




thank you this is so helpful! we didn't get taught a lot of this so thank you so much for getting me up to speed on my exams! i love get revising!!



love you <3