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Grace by Jeff Buckley…read more

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Pieces AOS 3
"Grace" by Jeff Buckley in 1994
"All Blues" by Miles Davis in 1959
"Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" by
Moby in 1999…read more

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"Grace" By Jeff Buckley 1994
Recorded in the USA
Buckley was born in California and died
in 1997
Lyrics to Grace are about a girl leaving
boyfriend at the airport, or death.…read more

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"Grace" By Jeff Buckley 1994
Changes from major to modal via a
sustained chord
Key unclear at the start but is in D major
by the end of the intro
Verse and Chorus is modal
Pre chorus is E minor…read more

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"Grace" By Jeff Buckley 1994
Mostly minor chords with major using
added notes (5 and 6) plus one
Power chords in verse
Pedal note in intro…read more

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"Grace" By Jeff Buckley 1994
Guitar (electric and acoustic) uses flanger
Vocals (Jeff Buckley)
Uses scoops/slides vibrato and falsetto
Strings - slide and trill in verse 2. Pizzicato
(plucked) in Pre Chorus 2)
Overdubs used- multi tracking
Reverb and Delay used…read more

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Wow, this is great, especially for a Section B question :)

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