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Expert Systems
Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) A car engine has a fault. The car mechanic uses an expert system to try to find the solution to the fault.
a) What is an expert system? [2]
Two answers from:
Collection of human experts knowledge

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Is a collection of (many) experts' knowledge.
- A rule base:
Contains all the rules known by the system.
These rules are used to associate items in the knowledge base.
- An inference engine:
Does the searching of the knowledge base.
- A suitable input interface:
Will display questions for…

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It is quicker than the newly qualified mechanic contacting the experts himself
It is quicker to diagnose faults than a newly qualified mechanic
The expert system has a larger knowledge base than the newly qualified mechanic
It is more likely to output accurate information than the newly qualified mechanic on…




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