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Expert Systems
Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) A car engine has a fault. The car mechanic uses an expert system to try to find the solution to the fault.
a) What is an expert system? [2]
Two answers from:
Collection of human experts knowledge
Gives advice based on knowledge base
Stored in computer using rule base.
Gives advice by a user answering all given questions.
Uses an Inference Engine to search the Knowledge Base.
b) Describe three features that should be included in the expert system to make it easy for the car mechanic to use.
Three answers from:
Suitable user interface e.g. touch screen for easy input of car symptoms.
Simple multiple-choice type questions.
Multiple-choice type of selection for the answer.
Each answer leads on to the next question.
Should eventually lead to reason for car fault.
Should display the cure for the fault as a % of accuracy.
2) An expert system is being created to enable research scientists to identify different types of penguins.
a) Give four steps in the creation of this expert system. [4]
Four answers from:
Knowledge acquisition by gathering data from experts
Design knowledge base
Create the knowledge base
Create the rulebase to relate each item so the inference engine can search the knowledge base
Design a method of displaying questions
Design a method of inputting answers
Design a method of displaying the results
Create a `safety net' in case the answer is not known
Design user on-screen guidance
b) Assuming that the system has now been created, explain how the scientist would use it to identify a particular
type of penguin. [2]
Two answers from:
Load/start the expert system
Acquire information in order to type in responses to the questions asked
Read results
If final results given as percentage of probability decide on answer to be accepted
3) A vet's practice uses an expert system to help in diagnosis and treatment. Describe how the system is used. [3]
Three answers from:
All necessary questions would be asked by the expert system
The vet would input answers (symptoms of the animals)
The expert system would consult the rule base
The expert system would search the knowledge base
The inference engine would be used to search the knowledge base
Suggested treatment/advice would be output as % of probability
4) An expert system is made up of the following elements:
a knowledge base
a rule base
an inference engine
a suitable input interface
a suitable output interface
State what each element does. [5]
Maximum 1 mark for each definition:
- A knowledge base:

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Is a collection of (many) experts' knowledge.
- A rule base:
Contains all the rules known by the system.
These rules are used to associate items in the knowledge base.
- An inference engine:
Does the searching of the knowledge base.
- A suitable input interface:
Will display questions for the user to enter answers to.
May display questions as multi-choice or Yes/No type.
- A suitable output interface:
Will display answers/results in a format that the user can understand & use.…read more

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It is quicker than the newly qualified mechanic contacting the experts himself
It is quicker to diagnose faults than a newly qualified mechanic
The expert system has a larger knowledge base than the newly qualified mechanic
It is more likely to output accurate information than the newly qualified mechanic on his own
The system is portable
The mechanic can consult the system if and when problems arise
New data can be entered into the system to benefit other future users
The expert system increases the…read more



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