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Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) You use your computer to send an email message to a computer in New York.
a) Describe how an e-mail is transmitted to New York after it has left your computer. [4]
Four answers from:
Signal changed into analogue data (you could explain that an ADC is used to do this change)
Use of modem (this could be an analogue or broadband modem depending on the type of connection).
Signals travel down the telephone lines or ISDN lines or ADSL lines.
Passes via several routers/ISPs.
Transmitted to ISPs computer/server.
Stored on ISP computer/server.
Signal broken into packets.
Packets may travel by different routes.
Transmitted to New York ISP.
Packets rebuilt into the email message.
Data is converted back from analogue into digital format.
Email message is downloaded onto recipient's computer.
Message is read by recipient.
b) Discuss the advantages of using email over letter post. [4]
N.B. This question is just asking you to explain advantages of email compared to letter post, there are clearly
disadvantages as well & an exam question you get might ask about the disadvantages as well. If you are just asked to
compare emails & letters then you should mention both the advantages & disadvantages.
Marks awarded as follows:
Mark Criteria
1 At least 1 point, but no discussions/expansions.
2 At least 2 points but no discussion or expansions OR 1 point with discussion/expansions.
3 2 points + 1 discussion/expansion.
4 Two points with discussions/expansions.
Possible points & expansions are:
Email arrives faster than letter post­ no delays in post, no waiting for delivery, no need to go to Post Office or post
box to post it. Email arrives on recipient's computer almost instantly but letter post takes at least a day to arrive
often more.
For house-bound people such as disabled or elderly email saves them having to go out­ easier to access as can send
& receive emails on computer at home but with letter post would need to go out to buy stamps and to post it.
Can send copies of email to as many people as want without extra expense & very easily as just add all their
addresses to the same email message­ this much easier, cheaper & quicker than sending many copies of a letter to
different people as with the letter would need to rewrite or photocopy as many copies as need and would then
need to individually put each into different envelopes and buy & stick on stamps for each letter.
Cheaper to send letter than email if already have a computer & an internet connection that been paid for­ each
letter that send will need to buy stamps, paper & envelopes but if have a monthly charge for as much internet access
as need then cheaper to send email especially to other countries as postage can be quite expensive. Doesn't cost
any more to send lots of emails or one email but with a letter each extra letter costs more.
Can send attachments with an email­ can send documents, images & files without needing to print them & the
recipient will have them in an electronic form so they can then edit them or insert them into other documents or print
them if they want whereas with a letter they would have been sent as printouts so the person would have to scan
them in if they needed them electronically. Also with a letter if you put more documents in it gets heavier so costs
more to post.
Emails can be set up to send an acknowledgement of receipt when the person receives it­ this means you know the
person has received the email whereas with a letter you would have to pay a lot extra to have a special delivery if
you want the recipient to sign for their letter.
Emails go direct to a personal email account which only the person who knows the password can access so they are
private and secure ­ with letter post the postman just puts it through the letter box so anyone who lives there can
open it.

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An office is going to convert stand-alone computers to a local area network (LAN).
a) Give two items of computer hardware that could be used to convert the stand-alone computers to a network. [2]
Two answers from:
Network card.
Cabling/Optical fibres
Network server
File server.
Printer server.
Transmitter/Infra red device.
b) This system will be connected to a Wide Area Network (WAN).
i) Give one extra item of hardware that will be needed to connect the system to a WAN.…read more

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Pop ups can be sent to all users on the network when messages need to be shared
Communication between computers can be set e.g. so people can communicate in chat rooms & forums
b) State two disadvantages of networked computers over stand-alone computers.…read more

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A doctor holds confidential data on a network. State three different ways of reducing the risk of unauthorised access
to this data by other users. [3]
Three answers from:
By using User Ids/Passwords for access to the network.
By logging off every time he leaves the computer.
By locking the computer whenever he leaves it
Changing his password frequently.
Using a firewall or not ever connecting to the internet.
By encrypting the data.…read more

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Applications (software) stored on server so it is quicker to update them
Access to the Internet via single connection with centrally controlled access.
Access to email via email server to send, collect & distribute email.…read more

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Links to other webpages or other positions on this webpage.
b) The homepage is boring. Explain how the page could be made more interesting to visitors.…read more

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Over demand If website sales prove popular the shop might not be able to cope
with the demand & so some customers might receive a poor
service giving the shop a bad name
Staff training It will take time & money to train the staff to use the website
Fewer visits to the physical shop If people are shopping more online then there might be fewer
people in the physical shop
11) Barry has a password to allow him to access the school computer network.…read more

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If a remote user accesses your machine they can use it as a botnet (take
it over) & then use it to send e.g.…read more

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Two answers from:
To give access to world-wide range of content
To use external/world-wide e-mail
To give access to world-wide user forums & to allow access to world-wide resources for projects
To gain access to the world wide web
To share resources & ideas with other teachers across the world
15) A Local Area Network (LAN) has a server and three workstations. One possible topology for this network is shown
below. Draw, name & label two other possible topologies.…read more

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Easy to restrict access by use of local security measures
Owners (e.g. school) of the LAN can control the content allowed/available on the LAN
Network is run & maintained by local expert e.g. network manager
E-mail can be used to send/receive internal mail, can have local bulletin boards & local chat rooms, LAN can be used to
send/receive messages
Sharing of resources/hardware/software
Set up gives links over wide area e.g.…read more


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