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Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) You use your computer to send an email message to a computer in New York.
a) Describe how an e-mail is transmitted to New York after it has left your computer. [4]
Four answers from:
Signal changed into analogue…

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2) An office is going to convert stand-alone computers to a local area network (LAN).
a) Give two items of computer hardware that could be used to convert the stand-alone computers to a network. [2]
Two answers from:
Network card.
Cabling/Optical fibres
Network server
File server.
Printer server.

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Pop ups can be sent to all users on the network when messages need to be shared
Communication between computers can be set e.g. so people can communicate in chat rooms & forums
b) State two disadvantages of networked computers over stand-alone computers. [2]
Two answers from:
Increased security risk…

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b) A doctor holds confidential data on a network. State three different ways of reducing the risk of unauthorised access
to this data by other users. [3]
Three answers from:
By using User Ids/Passwords for access to the network.
By logging off every time he leaves the computer.
By locking…

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Applications (software) stored on server so it is quicker to update them
Access to the Internet via single connection with centrally controlled access.
Access to email via email server to send, collect & distribute email.
Backups can be scheduled & managed centrally so there is no need for individuals to…

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Links to other webpages or other positions on this webpage.
b) The homepage is boring. Explain how the page could be made more interesting to visitors. [4]
The 4 marks that this question is worth are awarded like this:
Get 1 mark for: Making 1 valid point
Get 2…

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Over demand If website sales prove popular the shop might not be able to cope
with the demand & so some customers might receive a poor
service giving the shop a bad name
Staff training It will take time & money to train the staff to use the website

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If a remote user accesses your machine they can use it as a botnet (take
it over) & then use it to send e.g. spam emails
Broadband is gives high speed Faster download of files & files able to fully download without timing
connections out
Webpages load faster
Videos which…

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Two answers from:
To give access to world-wide range of content
To use external/world-wide e-mail
To give access to world-wide user forums & to allow access to world-wide resources for projects
To gain access to the world wide web
To share resources & ideas with other teachers across the world…

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Easy to restrict access by use of local security measures
Owners (e.g. school) of the LAN can control the content allowed/available on the LAN
Network is run & maintained by local expert e.g. network manager
E-mail can be used to send/receive internal mail, can have local bulletin boards & local…


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