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From 1955 to 1964 the civil rights movement was mainly
peaceful, influenced by MLK's philosophy of nonviolence.
However, between 1965 and the end of the decade the
nature of the civil rights movement changed and became
more violent.
Many felt that the pace of change was too slow.
They believed that society was fundamentally racist
and that nothing could change it.
Some rejected the idea of integration and wanted a
separate black society (Separatism).
Rejected of non-violence.…read more

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Left NofI
Feb 1965: Assassinated by 3 NofI members.
Stokeley Carmichael was elected chairman of the SNCC in 1966
He coined the phrase `Black Power' and criticised King's tactics saying he was `playing the
whites game'.
He also believed black people scared white people and if they showed their readiness to
fight would win their equality.
SNCC became more left wing, and their tactics became more militant and more violent.…read more

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It inspired other minority groups to follow the black example (eg Native Americans, Chicanos, who
developed 'Red Power' and 'Brown Power').
Wish for black supremacy disgusted many people.
Dubbed `hate groups'.
Never entirely clear what the political aims of the Black Power movement were.…read more


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