The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement

This is an essay about the Civil Rights Movement in the USA. It is only a useful resource for people who haven't done the controlled assessment yet, but other people can read it if they are interested :D

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Year 11 Independent Enquiry

Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement

1903 marked the year that man first built a plane. Just over 10 years later,
planes were adapted into killing machines that dropped bombs over the
trenches in World War 1. In 1939, planes were adapted into long range mass…

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The courage that Rosa Parks showed in a time of such bad racial discrimination
set a `trend' for all black people to follow. Soon after the incident in
Montgomery, black people were protesting all over America. There were
many protests known as `sit-ins'. This was when a group or single…

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Then, the civil rights act was introduced by president kennedy, who was
assassinated the following year. The civil rights act prohibited discrimination in
restaurants and bars and marked a big improvemen in the rights of black

But it wasn't all plain sailing in the years to follow. On

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the United States. It is amazing that a black person is now president after the
long struggle for civil rights. A black person to be president will have been a
dream for people like Martin Luther King and it clearly shows that the Civil
Rights movement has shaped modern day…

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