Why and Who, American Melting Pot

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  • Why did people wish to migrate to america? And who was migrating?
    • Why?
      • To meet up with friends/family who had already emigrated to America to start a new life
      • To live the dream of owning land and property
      • To escape from religious or political persecution
      • To avoid further economic hardship and poverty
      • For a fresh start
      • To escape war in Europe
    • Who?
      • Native Americans
        • Originally lived across the continent, forced of land 1850-90
        • By 1917, most lived in government reservations across America
      • Black Americans
        • Slaves
        • By 1920, 11 millions blacks in America
        • In 18th century and 19th century millions of Africans were brought to America
      • Old immmigrants
        • White Anglo Saxon Protestants
        • Political power, richer, better jobs
        • European settlers from Britain, Germany and Scandinavia
      • New immigrants
        • Arrived late 19th century
        • Many Jews and Catholics
        • Southern and Eastern Europeans (Russia, Italy, Poland)
        • Hispanics (Mexico) and Asians (China)


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