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Using the multi-store model of memory, outline how information is
transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory (2marks)
Outline the key features of the working memory model (6 marks)
Explain one strength of the working memory model (4 marks)
Outline two strategies that Kate might use to improve recall and
explain why each of the strategies you suggest should improve recall
(6 marks)
Identify which is a leading question, A or B, and explain why it is a
leading question (3 marks)
Explain…read more

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Explain how visual tasks and verbal tasks relate to the working
memory model (4 marks)
Give an example of a verbal task and a visual task which could be
used during a brain scan (2 marks)
Tick two of the boxes below to indicate which of the following are
features of the working memory model (Serial position curve,
incidental learning store, central executive and phonological loop)
Explain one strength and one weakness of the working memory
model (4 marks)
How was Peter's short-term memory…read more

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Outline how the student could have used a cognitive interview to
investigate this event. Include at least one example of what the
participants would be asked to do (4 marks)
Explain how anxiety may have affected eyewitness testimony of this
event.…read more

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What is the dependant variable of this study of remembering words and
images (2 marks)
What experimental design was used in this study of remembering
words and images (1 mark)
Explain one strength of this experimental design in the context of
this study (2 marks)
Explain how a psychologist could find out whether these results are
reliable (2 marks)
Explain how psychologists could deal with the ethical issue of
protection of the participants from harm (3 marks)
Suggest two suitable behaviour categories the researcher could…read more

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Suggest an appropriate experimental design (1 mark)
Suggest operationalised independent and dependant variables
Outline and evaluate research into the effects of anxiety on the
accuracy of eyewitness testimony (12 marks)
What kind of correlation is this research showing? (1 mark)
Outline one strength and one weakness of using correlation
research to investigate the effects of day care (4 marks)
Outline one strength and one limitation of a case study (4 marks)
Identify one ethical issue associated with this case study of Pete.…read more

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Give one weakness of using questionnaires in this research (2 marks)
Write a non-directional hypothesis for this experiment (2 marks)
Explain why the researcher used an independent groups design for
this experiment (2 marks)
What is the mode for each group of participants (2 marks)
What does the frequency distribution show about the results?
Do the results of this experiment support the findings of other
research into the capacity of short-term memory? Explain your
answer (2 marks)
Explain why it might be better to…read more

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Outline two behaviours that are characteristics of a securely
attached infant (2 marks)
Outline the behavioural explanation of attachment formation
Explain how the behavioural explanation of attachment differs from
the evolutionary explanation of attachment (4 marks)
Explain how the behaviour of securely attached infants and
insecurely attached infants would be different in the 'Strange
Situation' using either exploration, separation behaviour, stranger
anxiety or reunion behaviour (4 marks)
Briefly explain why some children show characteristics of secure
attachment and some characteristics of insecure attachment
(2marks)…read more

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Which of the following statements relate to Bowlby's evolutionary
theory of attachment (2 marks)
Outline the possible negative effects of institutionalisation on Luca
Describe possible demand characteristics in Mary Ainsworth's
strange situation research (3 marks)
How does the behaviour of securely attached infants differ from
that of insecurely attached infants? (4 marks)
Outline one study of the effects disruption of attachment (4marks)
What is meant by the term attachment ? (2 marks)
Which statements best describe the behaviour of a securely
attached child in…read more

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What advice would you give to Ali's parents to help them choose the
most suitable day care for Ali (4 marks)
Outline and evaluate research into the effects of
institutionalisation (12 marks)…read more


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