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Bowlby's Theory on
AQA Psychology A (As Level)…read more

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Bowlby had 7 main points to his theory of
attachment, I will explain and evaluate all 7 in here:
Attachment is Innate/Adaptive
The Sensitive Period
Caregiving is Adaptive
Secure Base
Monotropy and Hierarchy
Internal Working Model
Continuity Hypothesis…read more

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Attachment Is Innate and
The word innate means a natural instinct you are born with.
Adaptive means a behaviour that enhances the chances of
your offspring surviving.
Bowlby's theory states that children have an innate reflex to
form attachments as a result of evolution, and this has been
developed over millions of years to allow children to have a
natural ability to form long term attachments, for long term
benefits, such as comfort, warmth and overall, a constant
supply of food. This behaviour is adaptive because it enhances
the chances of survival, and therefore the chances of
reproducing.…read more

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The Sensitive Period
Bowlby believed that since attachment was innate,
there must be a limited time for attachment to form,
since there was a specific window for all other
natural things to form.
He claimed the window was in the second quarter of
the first year (basically 3-6 months, but say the other
thing in the exam)
As the months pass it becomes increasingly more
difficult to form an attachment with an infant.…read more

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Adaptive Caregiving
Bowlby also said that the drive to give care is also
innate, as it ensures the survival of your genes.
Babies are born with behaviours that elicit caregiving
Crying gets food, comfort or warmth
Smiling, pointing clapping etc gets/keeps the
caregivers attention
The formation of attachment relies on the interaction of
attachment reflexes in babies and caregiving reflexes in
adults.…read more

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Secure Base
This part of the theory describes how a child does not
only use the parent as a source of food or comfort.
Bowlby said that children will use parents as a safe
base, with this they will explore the world as they
know they can return to the parent, and use them as a
safe haven.
This promotes independence in the attachment,
rather than attachment being totally dependence
based.…read more

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