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All Blues
Miles Davis
1959…read more

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ORIGINS OF JAZZ ­ 20 century
African-American roots
RAGTIME = music characterised by a syncopated melodic line
& regularly accented accompaniment.
1800s New Orleans Jazz
= one of the first recognised jazz styles, originating in New Orleans.
African slaves brought pentatonic music called `the blues',
reflecting their poor situation.
They used improvisation and call and response.
The fusion of this and Western scales produced a blue note.
BLUE NOTE = a bent note between minor and
major third.…read more

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1920s Big band
= popular jazz style written for a large ensemble to be played in
dance halls.
After Depression:
Big band music was known as swing
SWING = development of big band jazz, and can describe a
desirable rhythmic `groove'
BEBOP = technically complex form of jazz
Fast tempos & chord changes
Played by smaller groups
Room for improv.…read more

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Front Line Section
Miles Davis = TRUMPET
Julian "Cannonball" Adderley = ALTO SAX
John Coltrane = TENOR SAX
Rhythm Section
Bill Evans = PIANO
Paul Chambers = BASS
Jimmy Cobb = DRUMS…read more

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Instrumentation con.
Snare is played with brushes
Restlessness and different timbre
The trumpet uses a mute (and uses ghost
Creates a distant and harsh sound.
The piano plays chords throughout but
maintains interest by changing the voicings of
VOICINGS = various was of ordering notes in a chord.
The piano also accompanies the solos with
The bass plays riff 1 constantly, becoming…read more

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12-bar blues sequence
= the sequence which "All Blues" is based on
4 bar linking riff between each section which
gives a contrast in texture. This creates
anticipation for the next section.
The head (main melody) and solos are played
over the changes (12-bar sequence).
uk/schools/gcsebitesize/music/popular_music/jazz5.shtml…read more

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Awesome information!

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A really nice powerpoint presentation covering the essential basics needed on 'All Blues' by Miles Davis. A great amount of information is included.

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