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Miles Davies Research
Miles Davies
Born on the 26th May 1926 in Alton ,Illinois
He was considered one of the most highly influential musicians of the 20th
He is best known for his Jazz pieces
Davis played Trumpet, Flugelhorn , piano and organ
He won 9 Grammy awards
His first band was called the Miles Davis sextet
Davis released around 1, 300 songs
Kind of Blue
It was first released in 17th August 1959
The album also featured the other members of the sextet Billy Evans
(piano), Jimmy Cobb (drums), Paul Chambers( Bass),John Coltrane
(saxophone), and Julian "Cannonball" Adderly.
The Album went quadruple Platinum in 2008
The original album had 6 tracks , including an alternative take to one of
The tracks on the album were 'So What' , `Freddie Freeloader', `Blue in
Green', `All Blues', `Flamenco Sketches and Flamenco Sketches
(alternative take).
Around 4.5 million copies have been sold since it was released
All Blue
It was first released on the 17th August 1959 on the album Kind of Blue.
The music was composed by Miles Davis
It is in the genre of jazz
It was originally a instrument piece but lyrics were written later by Oscar
Brown Jr.
The song was recorded in just one take for the album
It is marked as Jazz Waltz because the time signature is 6/4 which is
usually used for a Waltz
The instruments used are trumpet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone,
piano, bass and drums


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