Model answer Miles Davis 'All blues'

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Model Answer Miles Davis 'All blues'

Comment on how Miles Davis uses the following elements in his music:

  • Melody
  • Harmony & Tonality
  • Rhythm
  • Texture
  • Structure

 Miles Davis' 'All Blues' was composed in 1959, in New york and recorded in one take.

The main melody of 'All Blues' is introduced by the trumpet and is called a head, which is slow. Throughout the melody there is some chromatic movement. This is because the melodies are based on modes, scales and broken chords, which allows the solos to be more free, longer and as the melodies progress, the melodies become more complicated.

'All Blues' is based on modes and therfore is modal jazz, modes are a major scale with a flattened seventh (mixolydian mode). This means that the piece has many seventh chords and extended chords. The key signature of 'All Blues' is G minor, however there is some slow harmonic…


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