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  • From West Africa, in Burkina Faso.
  • Koko- a group of 6 musicians, lead by singer and balafon player Madou Kone.
  • It is the fourth track in the album 'Burkina Faso: Balafons et Tambours d'Afrique in 2002.
  • Yiri is the local word for 'wood', which could refer to the fact that all the instruments in the piece are made of wood, apart from the bell.
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Background-All Blues, Miles Davis

  • Jazz originates from South America in the early 20th century, sung by African slaves.
  • Main feature of jazz, across all types of jazz, is improvisation.
  • Miles Davis was one of the best known Jazz trumpeters, and he developed modal Jazz, which All Blues is an example of.
  • Bebop jazz is a fast and virtuosic type of jazz, with improvisations based on complex chord progressions.
  • Modal, however, is more laid-back and uncomplicated.
  • All Blues is from the album Kind of Blue, which was recorded in New York on 2 March and 22 April 1959.
  • From a sextet, a group of 6 players.
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