AQA Families and Households PAST QUESTIONS Jun09-Jan2012

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NOTE: Although the exam papers on the AQA website are labelled as JUNE, the exams are usually taken in MAY

First question - 

June 2009 - Explain the difference between a family and a household

January 2010 - Explain the difference between 'birth rate' and 'fertility rate'

June 2010 - Explain what is meant by 'serial monogamy'

January 2011 - Explain what is meant by 'net migration'

June 2011 - Explain what is meant by the 'social construction' of childhood

January 2012 - Explain what is meant by the ‘dual burden’

Second question - 

June 2009 - Suggest two reasons why lone-parent families are more likely to be headed by a female.

January 2010 - Suggest two reasons why women might delay having children 

June 2010 - Suggest two reasons why there has been an increase in cohabitation

January 2011 - Suggest two reasons why people may migrate to the United Kingdom, apart from that referred to in Item 2A.

June 2011 - Suggest two ways, apart from those mentioned in Item 2A, in which government policies and/or laws may shape the experiences of children today.

January 2012 - Explain the difference between the expressive role and the instrumental role

Third question - 


June 2009 Suggest two reasons why there has been an increase in one-person households 


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