Aerobic Energy System

Revision notes on the aerobic energy for A2 Physical Education, Exercise Physiology module.

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Aerobic Energy System
Site of Reaction ­ Mitochondria, Sarcoplasm
Presence of O2 Yes
Fuel Used ­ Carbohydrates, Glucose, Glycogen, Fats
Active Enzyme ­ Glycogen Phosphorylase, Phosphofructokinase, Lipoprotein Lipase
Speed of Reaction ­ Slow
Threshold ­ 2 Mins +
Biproducts ­ CO2 & H20
Effects of Biproducts ­ None
Energy Yield ­
Stage 1 ­ 2 ATP (Lactic Acid System)
Stage 2 ­ 2 ATP
Stage 3 ­ 34 ATP
Enzyme Inhibited by ­ Insulin inhibits the breakdown of fat, insulin is secreted in
large amounts to counteract high levels of blood sugar, It accelerates the diffusion of
glucose into the cells from the blood.
Enzyme Activated by ­ Presence of Lactic Acid, levels of activity reduced, increased
amount of O2 taken in. Enzymes work better and will completely breakdown glucose,
to produce large amounts of ATP.
Brief Outline
Stage 1 Glycolysis ­ The breakdown of Glucose/ Glycogen
Stage 2 Crebs Cycle/ Citric Acid Cycle
Stage 3 Electron Transfer Chain
Practical Application of the Aerobic Energy System
Endurance type activities
Submaximal work
Marathon Runners
Dehydration can negatively affect performance as well as boredom.


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