The Energy Continuum

Revision notes on the energy continuum for A2 Physical Education, Exercise Physiology.

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The Energy Continuum
Aerobic Anaerobic
The term energy continuum is used to describe the type of energy system
demanded by physical activity.
The relative contribution of each energy system ATP resynthesis is
determined by the Intensity & Duration of exercise
Most physical activities require a mixture of both anaerobic and aerobic energy
systems in particular, team games
The energy continuum will indicate the interchanging between the thresholds
of energy systems during an activity
Things that will affect this interchanging OBLA (Onset of Blood Lactate
Accumulation), level of fitness
O2 availability proper warm up for full O2 saturation
Food fuels ­ Carbohydrates & Fat
Enzyme control of activity
o For training purposes the coach must be aware of the energy systems
involved in an activity, and so plan a programme that will sufficiently
stress that energy system in order to produce the required
psychological adaptations that will improve performance


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