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Adding fractions with the same
To add fractions with same denominator, only add up
numerators, the denominator stays the same
For example:
Denominator…read more

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Adding fractions with different
You may find fractions with different denominators that
you have to add. To do this the denominators must be the
same. Sometimes one denominator may be a factor of the
other and so you can simple multiply the one
denominator to make them the same. Remember you
must do the same to the numerator as you did to the
For example:
=…read more

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Adding fractions with different
denominators' continued:
However when adding up fractions, you may find that
both denominators need to be multiplied to get a
common denominator. Easiest way to do this, is to
multiply the 2 denominators together, but you may
see an easier common multiple. Remember what
you do to the bottom you must do to the top.
For example:…read more

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Subtracting fractions:
Subtractions follow the same rules as adding. The
denominators must be the same, and again you
may need to multiply them for this to be true.
Once the denominators are the same, you subtract
the numerators as with a normal subtraction and
the denominator then stays the same.…read more

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Subtracting fractions examples:
Example 1:
Then simplify the
Example 2:
Then simplify the
= x3…read more

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