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  • Fractions
    • Multiplying
      • You multiply the top and bottom of the fractions separately. It usually helps to cancel down first if possible
    • Adding and Subtracting
      • Make sure the denominators are the same first of all. Add or subtract the numerators only. If your adding or subtracting mixed numbers it might help to make them into improper fractions.
    • Mixed Numbers
      • Mixed numbers are where there is an integer part and a fraction part. Improper fractions are ones where the top number is larger then the bottom number
    • Common Denominators
      • Use this for ordering fractions by size and adding and subtracting fractions. You need to find a number that all the denominators divide into, this will be your common denominator.
    • Dividing
      • Flip the second fraction in the division so that the numerator becomes the denominator and vice versa and then multiply the fractions.
    • Cancelling Down
      • To cancel down or simplify a fraction, divide the top and bottom by the same number until they won't go any further
    • Expressing as a fraction
      • When being asked to write a number as a fraction of another number, write the first number over the second number and then cancel it down
    • Fractions of something
      • Multiply the amount of "something" your being asked to find the fraction of by the numerator and divide by the denominator.


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